Cross Stitch Designing is my life

Happiness is what you want it to be. Yes that’s true and for me, there is no happiness like cross stitch designing. For as long as I can remember, I have been doing cross stitch designing. Cross stitching is in our family. It is basically a family obligation and culture that has roots deeply embedded. That is the reason why I generally spend a lot of time working on my designs.

Every week, I normally spend time stitching after work. It sounds funny but I sometimes find solace doing my cross stitching design on my favourite American standard toilet . Check these top rated 1 piece toilet review site. Since I installed it three months ago, it’s been my go to place when stitching especially after a hard day at work. Apart from that, I and my friends normally come around twice a week to exchange ideas on stitching designs. What I like most about this setting is that there is no running for office or any politics played. It is pure cross stitching as we take our favourite cup of tea. That is the beauty of stitching. I find it more revitalizing than yoga.

Till date, I have an array of nearly 100 cross stitching designs with my favourite being the combo backstitch design. This design involves a four stitches high design. After crafting your Qaida cloth linen, you can embed names, phrases or even a message on the linen using this design. This is because it involves the use of alphabetic letters. I find it a great way of sending messages like apologies and congratulatory messages. After all, why would a cross stitch designer buy gift cards or Christmas card? My pure sense of art leverages across all domain.

Most people think that cross stitching will only involve designing messages on a piece of cloth. In fact, this hobby gives one a wide field of thought so you can design widely. A good example is designing on jewellery. Most people love jewellery. Why not combine your passion and class to produce a masterpiece? Well, this is what i did with my French knitter jewellery design. By using seed beads, i have designed necklaces and bracelets like no other. In fact, they are posh and highly valued. So, whoever said that cross stitching can’t sell, I have proven them wrong. These jewellery sells or about $70 a piece. With only a shade of DMC Light Effects on your DMC Satin Floss, you will have marvellous jewellery in no time.

The great thing about cross stitching is that you can design objects according to the season. So, every time of the year, you will have a theme to work on. A good example is stitched snowflakes ornaments which are perfect for winter season and needless to say, Christmas. All you need is a simple Aida then you go ahead to stitch the beautiful snowflakes on using a beautiful metallic pearl thread. Whatever comes of it is a beautiful snowflake ornament. To top up the beauty, you can embellish the ornament with sparkling gem of any colour. You will love the outcome.